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PROTOTYPE SALE: Tiny Skulls in oxidized sterling silver

$65.00 - $85.00

These are prototypes of upcoming designs that I am selling at significantly reduced prices. The final versions of these designs will be available soon!

Each tiny skull measures approximately 1/4" tall and is cast in solid sterling silver, suspended from a sterling silver 3.1mm oval patterned chain.

1. Charm bracelet, 15 skulls, measures just under 7.5" ($80)
2. Linked skulls bracelet, 21 skulls, measures just under 7.5" ($85)
3. Charm necklace, 11 skulls, measures 14" ($80)
4. Charm necklace, 13 skulls tightly spaced, measures 16" ($85)
5. Charm necklace, 7 skulls, measures 18" ($65)
6. Charm necklace, 6 skulls tightly spaced, measures 20" ($65)


As these pieces are already made, I will ship within 2 business days.

All orders ship via USPS with tracking. I also include insurance on US orders valuing over $300 and all international orders.

Please familiarize yourself with my Policies section before committing to a purchase.


EU & UK RESIDENTS: As of 7/1/21, because I am unable to charge VAT, I can no longer sell to you through this website. If you live in Europe or the UK, please visit my Etsy shop ArcanaObscuraDesigns to make a purchase. Etsy is an Online Marketplace Provider and will charge the proper customs and taxes on my behalf. Please visit my Policies section for more information.

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