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About AO

Arcana Obscura is a one-woman business, owned and operated by myself, Kate Hockstein, out of my studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

PROCESS                                                                                                                                                                                      I create most of my designs in wax, from which a silicone mold is made by a local company specializing in jewelry casting. I then have each piece of jewelry cast from this mold in either 14k gold or sterling silver. After casting, I do all the finishing: sizing, polishing, and in the case of sterling silver, adding oxidation.

The granulated pieces in my collection are cast not from wax but from 22k gold. The casting and finishing processes are the same, but the creation of the original from which the mold is made involves an ancient form of goldsmithing, in which I create the wire, sheet, and each tiny granule and then fuse each piece together using a torch.

The jewelry that you receive will not be the exact piece in the picture- I will create it for you upon receiving your order. Every step of the process involves a human touch, so the piece that you receive will be an original and subtly unique work of art.

You're welcome to request a particular finish or type of gold. For example, I can apply a matte or shiny finish to any piece. Everything in my shop can be cast in 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, or sterling silver. Silver pieces can be highly oxidized, partially oxidized (as shown) or not oxidized at all. If you have any custom requests, please email me at arcanaobscuradesigns@gmail.com and I will create a special listing for you.

For some basic info on lost wax casting, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost-wax_casting

For more on granulation in 22k gold: http://www.ganoksin.com/borisat/nenam/granulation.htm

PAYMENT                                                                                                                                                                                   I accept credit card payments as well as Paypal.

SHIPPING                                                                                                                                                                                  As I make every piece by hand, turnaround from ordering to shipping your item is usually between 1 and 3 weeks. 

Within the US, shipping is a flat rate of $10. I ship via USPS Priority, which generally takes 2-3 days and comes with a tracking number and shipping insurance. 

I also ship internationally via USPS First Class Int'l for $15, or USPS Priority Int'l for $35. Both options come with a tracking number, and USPS Priority comes with insurance. Please familiarize yourself with your country's customs laws, as you may be subject to additional taxes/fees upon receipt of your package that I will not be aware of.

I will email you when I'm ready to ship your order with your tracking number. Shipping turnaround is generally between 1 and 2 weeks.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email me at arcanaobscuradesigns.com and I will get back to you ASAP!